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Issue #7 March/April

(Cover Girl Shelly D’ Inferno)

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Order Poisonous Pinups 40 Page Issue #7 *Cover girl Shelly D’ Inferno* Ink Feature, Valentines Conest Winner, Shelly D’ Inferno Centerfold, Editors’ Product Picks (Includes models: Shelly D’ Inferno, Anna Electra, Ashley Dawn, Rachel Centolella, Soozee Vicious, Viv Voyeur, Bambi Le Bam, Alix-rae, Belle May, Rhea Avey, Brusier Suicide, Ashley Sabatino, Raina Bow, Pocket Girl, Lily Pryde, Jackie Von Spanks, Isriah, Miss Retro Rose Doll, Jaci Crysteen, Samantha Randall, Miss Trixie Carpenter, Ivory Rose, Nina Fear, Siyren Shipwreck, Jordan Sin, Mizz Kalifornia, Crystal Taylor)

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