grab the latest Poisonous Pinups Magazine issue8

Poisonous Pinups Magazine Issue8

By Poisonous Pinups

40 pages, published 8/2/2016

Poisonous Pinups 40 Page Issue #8 *Cover girl Antoinette Johnson* Tempest Storm Interview, Ink Feature, Antoinette Johnson Centerfold, Phoenixx Designs Feature, Editors’ Product Picks, Poor Bastards Car Show Pinup Contest Winner and more (Includes models: Antoinette Johnson, Tempest Storm, Rae Ann Lynn, Anna Electra, Ashley Dawn, Kendra Sands, Jamie Hylton, Jayne Dean, Siyren Shipwreck, Livana Skye, Tish Marie, Holly Mae Woods, La Egofeasta,…

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