Dani Divine issue4 and Ophelia Rain issue3 available now



Available in store and online www.poisonouspinups.com/store/ and with a yearly subscription www.poisonouspinups.com/register/

#poisonouspinupsmagazine Issue #3 *Cover girl @ophelia.rain * features interview with Another Vendetta, Amazicon wrap up, Ink feature, Greater Philly Con wrap up and centerfold #OpheliaRain (Includes models: Isabella Bella, Nanci Metsaviir, Ashley Taylor, The Paminater, Sugar Bear, Celia Flores, Baxter Winters, Mz. Sychotik, ZuZu Zombie, Viv Voyeur, Cee Cee Ryder, DeDe Devious, Farrah De Morte, Jenelle Lane McCalley, Zuara Munguia, Jaclyn Van Hearse, Crystal Rose, Nadia White)

Issue #4 *Cover girl @dani_divine * interview with #DaniDivine , WizardWorld Philly, Ink feature, Grindhouse Nights, Product Picks, Undead pinup contest winner and centerfold Dani Divine (Includes models: Lady Baxter, Stephanie Stiletto, Hayley Marie, Lolita Zombie, Tawnee Noel, Kristie California, Missy Heather, Samantha-Jayne, Mandy Rockette, Dangerous Rae, JLo, Porcelain Midnight, Ashley Jenkins, Mzcherri Gorez, Becca Lin, Ophelia Rain, Kimberly Jay, Mandy Carrasco, Farrah De Morte, Desireee Mello, DeDe Devious, Kitty, Nadia White, Viv Voyeur, Corrin Van Nest, ZuZu Zombie, Lauren Stilleto, )

As well as issue 1 and 2 veiwable with a yearly subscription

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