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We have added all issues up to our current Issue12 w/Cover gal Heather Valentine cover drawn by Lance Footer to the online store. You can grab each issue using the Magcloud link in our store to purchase and get the issue delivered directly to you through our store

We have also added and are currently adding all 12 issues to the subscription access, so sign up for a Yearly subscription today for $40 and get all 12 issues plus the last 3 issues to come in 2017 and any special issues for this year. You get access to all that for less then $3 an issue plus access to blogs, gals and commenting.Monthly is $10 and you get access to issues 1/2 and current month you sign up plus access to blogs, gals and commenting. Sign up at Register

Look for more news such as events we will be attending and access to gals blogs and news after you sign up for a subscription.

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  1. Thankful to be a part of this and others!

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