Pin-Up Modeling– Tips & Tricks from your favorite dolls!

The number one question I get asked in reference to my “look” is “Do you have any tips or tricks that I can try in order to achieve that classic pin up look?” Or the second favorite is, “I bet your clothing & makeup cost you a fortune!” Well, dolls I am here to debunk both questions!


1. Honestly, anyone can achieve that ‘classic beauty’  look! From a red bandanna in your hair, to the classic traditional red lipstick and the black “cats eye” eyeliner–with enough practice anyone can have the look down! I slowly started to collect items I knew would help me create that stellar image– black liquid eyeliner (I like waterproof so it does not “melt”  if I want to rock the look for long periods of time), a brow pencil to create that shaped, full look, and red lipstick. I think my biggest challenge was the lipstick! You will drive yourself MAD trying to pick out the PERFECT shade/quality of red lipstick! But in my opinion? EVERYONE has their own particular favorites! Some girls prefer the NYX red lip butter (frankly I hate having that “gummy” feeling on my lips– so I pass on that!) others like the beautiful bold reds produced by MAC, others are able to squeak by with whatever shades of red they are able to pick up from their local pharmacies. The key is getting one that feels most comfortable on *you*! Of course getting the lip liner to match is also a major plus to ;)! Anything that will help define those lips and bring that **POW** you are searching for– trial & error, dolls! Trial & Error! 🙂


2. Tips & Tricks? I am bit of a nerd, so most of my tips & tricks have been collected from various websites & youtube videos on “how to”– Simply googling “pin up girl tips”  will get you a plethora of topics, ideas, webpages and of course things you can buy. Here are a few of *MY* “go-to” tips:

  • It’s all in the face! Pin-Ups are all about facial expression & personality. Find your personal “pin-up personality”. Are you smoldering and sexy? Cute and playful? Figure it out and spend some real time in front of the mirror finding out what expressions are best for you. Do what comes comfortably and most natural and your pictures will show that. We can always tell who has practiced faces before the shoot, and even a little practice means better pictures.
  • Curl your hair. Pin curls and victory rolls were a popular look for most pin-up girls. Curls were often achieved by a “permanent” which made hair easier to mold into a curl, but you can achieve this look without chemicals.
  • Don’t forget your nails. Deep reds, reddish browns, and pinks are good colors to go with, but you can also try black, which was surprisingly popular. Go for medium-length nails with tapered sides and pointed (but not sharp) tips.
  • Shop vintage and secondhand stores. Look for genuine vintage items from this era, including pencil skirts, A-line skirts, Cuban heeled stockings, round toed pumps, wiggle dresses, swing dresses, petticoats, 3/4 sleeve cardigans, cropped cardigans with full sleeves, and high waist capri pants, to name a few
  • Buy a bullet bra. This is the pointy-cupped brassiere that will give you the Marilyn Monroe sweater look which was all the rage during the pin-up era.


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