Introducing: Suzie Snowflake!

Here Comes Suzie Snowflake!


Greetings and Salutations, Cats and Dolls! Suzie Snowflake here breaking the seal on the first introductory post for Poisonous Pin Ups! So what is there to say about Suzie? Well, I am a 27 year old “Old Soul” from Youngstown, Ohio! Youngstown was coined in 1963 as “Murdertown, U.S.A” by the Post due to our love for the Mafia and “Youngstown Tune Ups”, the deeply rooted corruption in local office and the miles of steel mills that dotted the Mahoning River (now home of the three eyed fish!) The crime and corruption that riddled Youngstown, Ohio has always been the norm to me. I always knew what I was not like the other kids in my class, or even my friends… I always wanted to wear pouty red lips, I wasn’t much for partying and was usually caught on a Friday night at home watching GREASE, eating popcorn and singing along on whether I was a “Sandy” or a “Frenchy”! Experiencing the “awkward” years of feeble attempts to find who I was in the world–the wasted bar scenes, the current, edgy fashions…none of them seemed to “fit” to me or make me feel comfortable. Finally, at 27 years on this earth I finally found that I am an old soul and always destined for that old type of life, you will catch me during the day as my job as a veterinary assistant with a teal bow in my curly up do and red lipstick (despite the risk of getting bit or scratched!), even my home life when you step into my black and white (with hints of seafoam green) kitchen and STARBURST dinette sets that I yearn to live a life that I myself have never personally experienced. That is one of the many reasons I love pin up! The women of pin up were classy, they were not severely pornographic (although in its hey day it was considered extremely sinful!) and the woman were beautiful! They had curves, they had a glow to them that radiated and each photo had a story plot which has me craving to learn more about that particular woman, which I feel makes a very strong and compelling photo! One that has no text but is able to say a plethora of stories and mysteries.


Please look forward to my future posts, videos & quirky little details about myself, my family & my future! Have a question you would like answered? Please feel free to contact me! 🙂


Suzie Snowflake

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"Suzie" is a 28 year old, Youngstown, OH doll-baby of the "Rustbelt"-- most notorious for it's "Murdertown U.S.A" Suzie has managed to avoid the depressive clutches of the scrupulous city by reading (huge history buff!), writing poetry, volunteering at her local animal shelter to help all the stray puppies & kitties, attending college to become a Librarian and going on motorcycle rides! I have a little "family" consisting of Maggie (A.K.A the Pug), Lucy(Fur)-- the sassy calico cat and Bifford- the distinguished long haired black cat who is also a special needs kitten! Any questions for Suzie Snowflake? Ask! :) ;)

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