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The explosive Mercy Beaucoup, Dynamo of Bump and Grind. “Nothing emboldens sin so much as MERCY.” William Shakespeare “I have always found that MERCY bears richer fruits than strict justice.” Abraham Lincoln. Mercy Beaucoup first discovered the lure of the stage through music. A trained classical pianist from the age of 5, she studied with the renowned Francis Angelo at Ethel Walker School in Connecticut. Continuing the pursuit of her love for all things art, she acquired her Masters Degree in Art History from CSUS. Burlesque, however, was in her blood. Mercy hails from a line of performers. Her grandfather was a comedian. Her grandmother was a classic burlesque dancer in Dublin, Ireland. Even her mother was a burlesque showgirl in Las Vegas. It was only a matter of time before she too, made her way to burlesque. Possessing a deep adoration for the classic golden era of burlesque, Mercy Beaucoup brings to the stage the art of the strip TEASE, engaging her audience with every move. Her larger-than-life dance style, coupled with her very approachable, playful nature has quickly made her a favorite among show-goers. Costume work is a specialty with great attention to detail. She has graced stages from the USA to Europe, including the Hubba Hubba Revue, Trapeze, Little Minsky's in San Francisco and Romantasy Cabaret and Hedonism. She was Stage Kitten for the renowned New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2012 and is a popular life model at Dr Sketchy’s. To name a few....she has performed at Reno Rockabilly Riot, The Best in the West Showcase, Tassels & Tease, showcased in the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival and the Hollywood Burlesque Festival, as well as the Show Me Burlesque Festival, Texas Burlesque Festival, and was winner of the title Miss Sinner California, and awarded Best T&A at the Caribbean Burlesque Festival 2014. Her costume designs have won awards at the Steampunk Convention, and Comicon 2014.

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